Wednesday, 29 June 2011


So I completed a two year art and design double award a level which began in September 2009.

The idea of the double award is to learn skills in all areas of art and design which allows the student to choose and lead self run projects. It allows a lot of freedom but i felt that the time limits for each project didn't allow to learn new skills properly, however it did allow me to scratch the surface of a lot of areas within the industry.


The main self led project in the first year of the course was a brief called "Change" and i had the freedom to create anything to do with the word, this includes research, desi

gning and production. I chose to research into the changes in fashion between the decades of 1910 and 2010 as i was interested in the fashion design and textiles used which make up a trend associated with each decade, and also what social or economical factors effected fashion. I conducted extensive research into each decade and designers who's work has influenced fashion over the past century, I chose to research Lanvin, Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Rick Owens. The final designs were based around the idea of the materials and shapes of the first fifty years mixed with the last fifty years. This led me to design an elaborate dress inspired by victorian fashion made out of futuristic materials such as plastic and paper. I also designed a 60's sack dress using recycled fabrics that to me looked very old fashioned and pre 1960s.

These are scans from my sketchbook. I sourced the images for the illustrations from a Vogue book which chapters every year since 1900. I also sourced information from the V&A to research past fashion designs. The union jack is an example of screen printing in the style Vivienne Westwoods work in the punk era. The bottom picture is one final design.

The Final Peice
Dress one

Dress two

Overall I received AA for the Double Art and Design Award in 2010.

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